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Logan Stankoven: “The Habs wanted the other Logan instead”.
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Three points out of a possible four: that’s what the Habs have collected so far this week. The problem is that the season is on the rocks, and more and more fans want to see their club lose when the game starts. The team’s points are doing more harm than good at the moment.

The club has a defensive brigade that gets the job done, and when it’s Samuel Montembeault in front of the net, anything is possible.

The Habs’ weakness remains their attack. And it’s likely to stay that way next year. And the year after that…

After Suzuki, Caufield and Slafkovsky, it’s running dry at the moment. Alex Newhook has been doing well for a few games now, and Kirby Dach’s return to the game will help…

But it’s going to lack raw talent. The organization’s top prospects all play on the blue line. Logan Mailloux, Lane Hutson, David Reinbacher, Adam Engstrom, Bogadn Konyushkov…

Few people are really excited about the chances of Florian Xhekaj, Owen Beck, Filip Mesar, Vinzenz Rohrer, Cedrick Guindon, Jared Davidson, Riley Kidney, Oliver Kapanen, Luke Tuch or Sean Farrell becoming top-six NHL forwards. Joshua Roy could become one, but he’ll have to start playing more than 8 or 9 minutes a game if he wants to get there.

In short, Kent Hughes will inevitably have to sacrifice one of his defensemen(Arber Xhekaj Jordan Harris?) and/or quality picks to bring raw talent to the attack. That, or drafting a guy like Cayden Lindstrom or Ivan Demidov… but we’ll have to start losing more games to hope for anything like that!

Should the Habs have drafted Matvei Michkov instead of David Reinbacher last year? Maybe they should have.

But there’s another forward on whom the Habs have turned their noses in recent years who’s got the Internets talking this morning: Logan Stankoven.

The young Stars center has four points (including three goals) in four games this season with the Stars – he was recently recalled – and is second in the AHL in scoring, three points behind Quebec player Mavrik Bourque, his trio-mate when he played for the Texas Stars, not the Dallas Stars.

(Credit: TheAHL)

Why do I say he’s the talk of the town, Stankoven?

Because a Habs fan wrote to him privately on Insta to say that he wished he was a member of the Habs, not the Stars.

Stankoven’s response: ” They preferred another Logan to me.

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We’re obviously talking about Logan Mailloux, selected 31st overall, while Stankoven’s name was pronounced 16 rungs down the ladder.

It should be noted that Stankoven did not attack anyone. He was simply responding in a direct and humorous manner to a question put to him privately. Unfortunately, this user published the details of this private conversation, and Stankoven may have been slapped on the wrist. It’s because of stories like this that most stars don’t reply to their private messages.

The real hockey question now: should the Habs have selected Logan Stankoven instead of Logan Mailloux?

Given that Stankoven is only 5’8, that the Habs already have several small forward players and that Logan Mailloux is having an excellent first season in the pros (34 points), I don’t think so. We’ve made the right hockey decision, even if Stankoven is clearly proving that he can replicate his junior success against men in the pros.

Especially since right-handed defensemen aren’t a dime a dozen in the organization: Savard, Wideman, Barron, Kovacevic, Mailloux and Reinbacher. It’s on the left that there’s surplus…

Both Logans, Mailloux and Stankoven, are destined for great careers in the NHL.

Would you have preferred to see the Habs set their sights on Stankoven or Mailloux?

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