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Jesperi Kotkaniemi: why would the Canucks want him?
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
Earlier this week, it was reported that the Vancouver Canucks may be close to signing forward Elias Pettersson to a lucrative contract extension. An announcement could be made shortly.

In fact, we understand that the Canucks have been chatting a bit with other teams to see if he could be traded, given that he didn’t seem in a hurry to negotiate.

The negotiations(with Carolina, in particular) obviously created a sense of urgency, which meant that discussions with the Canucks were relaunched with the player.

What’s interesting here is that David Pagnotta reported that names like Martin Necas and Jesperi Kotkaniemi have been discussed on the Carolina side of the table.

Wait for it: Jesperi Kotkaniemi? The one we know and love?

The fascinating thing is that Jesperi Kotkaniemi is a bad hockey player who earns too much for too long. There’s no way he has positive value on the trade market.

He has six points since November 29, including an assist yesterday. That’s one point every two weeks. #NotMuch

The only reason I can see KK heading to Vancouver is because of salary. After all, payrolls aren’t easy to balance.

It really isn’t.

If the discussions went any further than saying “no” to the Canes’ request, I wonder to what extent the goal might not have been to buy out the last six years of his contract at $4.82 million a year.

I’m not saying it would have happened, but buying out a player his age only costs 1/3 of his remaining contract, not 2/3… and the impact on the payroll is minimal.

(Credit: Cap Friendly)

I bring up this theory (even though I don’t really believe in it) because I’m trying to understand. After all, the Canes know that KK’s market value is negative and I don’t see Vancouver taking him to keep him.

They’re not thick full-time.

If a deal involving Pettersson and KK (plus other pieces, obviously), the Hurricanes would have had to pay to get the fabulous player from the Canucks, but also pay to send KK to BC. It would have been EXPENSIVE.

The former Canadiens player doesn’t have a contract that a club can “take a chance” on right now.

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