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The Coyotes humiliated the Maple Leafs before their showdown
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
The Arizona Coyotes are no strangers to taunting and teasing their opponents, especially on Platform X (Twitter).

Although the Coyotes have had a tough time of it over the past few seasons, this season has been better, despite the fact that they find themselves in seventh place in the Central Division.

The club is still well ahead of its closest division rival, the Chicago Blackhawks.

André Tourigny’s team had a 23-30-5 record going into tonight’s match-up.

But before the Toronto Maple Leafs and Coyotes got underway, the latter decided to taunt the Leafs about their playoff failures.

“Just a reminder that the Arizona Coyotes have three times as many playoff series wins as the Maple Leafs in the last 20 years.” – Arizona Coyotes

Let’s just say they’re not afraid to taunt their opponents. I’d even say humiliate.

In fact, HFTV seems to find it quite humiliating to be insulted by the Yotes.

Personally, I’d stand a little quieter in their shoes, considering the fact that they’re playing in a tiny arena in Tempe. I’d save myself a little embarrassment.

While I always get a little inner satisfaction when a playoff stat about the Leafs comes out, the Coyotes aren’t necessarily in a better position.

I, for one, have never experienced a Stanley Cup parade in Montreal, but I take solace in the fact that many clubs haven’t had one for much longer.

Interestingly, two of the Leafs’ players, Auston Matthews and Matthew Knies, were born in Arizona.

The end result remains to be seen. We’ll find out if the Coyotes’ recall did any good.


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