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Pierre LeBrun tells us what it would take to trade David Savard
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David Savard has been in the news a lot lately. Even if the defenseman doesn’t want to be traded, he’s still in the trade rumor mill, with several teams reportedly interested in acquiring his services for the playoffs.

We wondered what the return might look like if Savard were traded, but now Pierre LeBrun has shed some light on the matter.

This is what he mentioned in his most recent article on The Athletic:

“I think it would take a first-round pick, a young player with a value equivalent to a first-round pick or multiple picks with a combined value equivalent to a first-rounder.” – Pierre LeBrun

After seeing the return received for Chris Tanev, I really wondered what the Quebec defenseman’s value might look like.

The fact that he’s not a rental player and has plenty of playoff experience, including a Stanley Cup, increases his value.

Jordan Harris has not discussed a trade with the Habs

One player who has often been the subject of trade rumors with the Montreal Canadiens over the past year is Jordan Harris.

The 23-year-old defenseman still plays very well in all facets of the game, but he hasn’t been able to keep his regular spot on the defensive brigade. #Congestion

His strength, as he already mentioned in his post-game interview, is his defensive play, but he also made it clear that he still wants to give more in his overall game.

With the organization’s surplus of defensemen, it’s harder to keep a full-time position. However, this surplus of defensemen is also driving trade rumors.

Harris spoke with TVA Sports’ Anthony Martineau on Wednesday. The journalist asked him if he’d had any discussions with the Habs about a possible trade.

He replied that no, there were no such talks (yet):

I’d like to keep him in Montreal, as he’s not currently worth a lot.

But the surplus of defensemen still makes me hesitate.

In short

– A change of scenery could be good for him.

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– Ryan Reaves dominated his opponent.

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