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Training: a day of treatments for Jake Evans and Jayden Struble
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

The Canadiens will leave for the warm Florida sun this afternoon. The boys won’t, however, be leaving Quebec where it’s very cold, we agree.

But before the big departure, Martin St-Louis had to hold a training session. And at that training session, there were a few issues to keep an eye on, including the state of health of Jake Evans and Jayden Struble.

The result? Both had the day off. #TreatmentDay

Note that Evans played yesterday, but Struble did not. The Canadiens currently have only four center players, but have an extra defenceman if they need one.

Does this mean Evans could still play tomorrow night? That remains to be seen.

Note that the Rocket is currently on the road. If a recall is ever necessary, the player in question won’t be able to leave Montreal. But that doesn’t change much.

To be continued.

In connection with the injured list, Kirby Dach and Rafaël Harvey-Pinard skated before the others this morning. They skated solo, of course, given their state of health.

But that’s better than the other way around, isn’t it?

According to his doctor’s instructions, Dach cannot return to action this season. He must give his knee time to heal properly first.

RHP, for his part, is surely just a few weeks away from a return.

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