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Top-5: Sent off during the match, Sheldon Keefe refuses to talk about it with the media at a press briefing
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
There was plenty of action in the NHL last night.

The Habs won against the poor Coyotes, but there were 11 other games elsewhere in the league:

1: Sheldon Keefe is ejected from the game

The Golden Knights were visiting Toronto to try and put the brakes on the Leafs’ winning streak, having won their last seven games.

The Vegas outfit managed to win the game 6-2 thanks to a collective effort from all players, but that’s not what caught the eye during the match.

With just over two minutes left in the game, Sheldon Keefe complained (too much) to an official about a missed call…

And the referees decided to eject him from the match.

After the game, Keefe was asked to answer reporters’ questions about what happened to get him ejected…

And the Leafs’ still-angry driver was really evasive on the subject, to the point where he wouldn’t even give his side of the story.

He looked really angry:

All in all, it wasn’t a good night for the Leafs, who scored just two goals in a game for the first time this season.

Auston Matthews (-3), John Tavares (-2) and Mitch Marner (-3) were blanked from the scoresheet.

2: MacKinnon is too strong at home

If Nathan MacKinnon played every game this season at home, in Colorado…

The Avalanche would be unstoppable.

The star player took advantage of the Stars’ visit to help his team win the game (5-1) and collected a goal and an assist in the process.

MacKinnon has now scored at least one point in all 29 of the Avalanche’s home games… And has a total of 60 points (22 goals) during this streak.

He’s really impressive.

3: Nick Cousins… What are you doing?

We knew him briefly in Montreal, but we learned what a player he was when he wore a Montreal Canadiens uniform.

Nick Cousins isn’t a flashy player on the ice… But a player who brings energy to his club.

Any way you slice it, you might say.

That said… Maybe Cousins went a little too far during a quarrel in the game between his Panthers and the Sabres:

Come on!

In the video, we see Cousins playing dead on the rink before getting up to jump on his opponent.

It looks like a wrestling video!

For what it’s worth, Cousins’ energy helped the Panthers win the game 3-2.

4: A power outage in Philly in the middle of a game

Playing hockey in the dark isn’t ideal.

Lights allow players to see their opponents and the rink, and for goalies, brightness is important to be able to track the puck.

You may be wondering where I’m going with all this…

But if I’m talking about light, it’s because there was a power outage last night in Philadelphia. The Flyers were playing the Lightning at home and a transformer blew (and burned), leading to a mini blackout.

Wells Fargo Center president Phil Laws said after the club’s 6-2 win over the Lightning that, fortunately, no one was hurt:

5: Stefan Noesen scores a goal with his face

Scoring goals in the NHL is tough.

Stefan Noesen knows that, having scored 56 goals in 342 games prior to yesterday’s Hurricanes game.

That said…

Noesen scored his 57th career goal in his club’s 3-2 win over the Wild, and he did it in a way he’ll always remember.

The Hurricanes player deflected the puck into the net with his visor, a particularly bizarre goal that you don’t see every day in the Bettman circuit:

In a row

– A great lineup for the Golden Knights.

– Tyson Foerster pulled out his Sunday hands.


– Stankoven gets a taste for scoring goals.

– The Devils’ top players were good last night.

– A beautiful, powerful shot.

– Wow!

– A goal for Danault.

– I like the comparison.

– Big night at work for Nico Hischier.


– Two NHL games today.

Blue Jackets vs Rangers (7pm) and Blues vs Oilers (8:30pm).

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