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Patrick Roy: a New York journalist sees him becoming GM of the Islanders
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Patrick Roy’s stay on Long Island is not without its pitfalls. His team has never taken a wrong turn, but let’s face it, it takes a lot longer for him to get his grip on the team.

The Islanders are seven points out of the playoffs and already thinking about the future. And Patrick Roy seems to be part of that future, for a long time to come.

But what’s curious is that the possibility of Roy becoming general manager in the not-too-distant future was raised today.

On a podcast, reporter Stefan Rosner, who covers the Islanders, raised the possibility of Roy eventually replacing Lou Lamoriello, who is 81 years old.

The journalist went even further, talking about Benoît Desrosiers as Roy’s successor behind the bench.

It’s a possibility that’s far from far-fetched, as Roy has experience as general manager. If plans are indeed to give him the reins of the team, Roy will want a man with the same philosophy as himself. In that case, Desrosiers is the ideal man.

Speaking of the future, the Islanders may have to part with Jean-Gabriel Pageau to help the team’s payroll situation.

As Lamoriello mentioned last week in a press conference, the team no longer has any flexibility vis-a-vis the cap and will have to make some tough choices.

Journalist Ethan Sears of the New York Post raised the surplus of center players, and when you look at the various contracts, Pageau’s name makes sense, even though his contract runs out in 2026.

In gusto

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– Lots of hope for the youngster acquired by the Flames.

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