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Chris Tanev traded to Dallas Stars

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Chris Tanev traded to Dallas Stars
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The Dallas Stars are in a playoff race right now and needed help defensively. They’ve struck a blow by acquiring Chris Tanev from the Calgary Flames.

In return, the Alberta outfit receives a 2nd-round pick, another conditional 3rd-round pick and prospect Artem Grushnikov.

It’s mission accomplished for the Stars, who don’t have much depth on the right side of defense.

The Flames, who are truly in “no man’s land” in terms of youth and experience, have just lost a veteran, but can look to the future with the prospect and pick.

One wonders what this means for David Savard. The market for right-handed defensemen, which was already thin, has just lost a big piece.

Will this prompt other teams to make more aggressive offers to Kent Hughes? Perhaps.

At the same time, the return for Tanev isn’t extraordinary either, and that has to be taken into c

t take that into account.

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