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Soirée Hockey d’antan: The Rocket unveils a magnificent jersey
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

On March 8, there’s going to be a special evening at Place Bell.

The Rocket will be playing its “Hockey d’antan” game, an event organized every season for the past few years.

The aim of the evening is to celebrate the rich history of the organization and hockey culture in Quebec.

For the occasion, Rocket players will don a special uniform that honors the club’s roots…

And the jersey, which was unveiled today, is simply stunning:

The colors, the different logo, the old school style… I think it’s really beautiful.

At least, I really fell for the retro color of the gloves and panties.

Of course, the jersey features the St-Hubert logo, which is the main sponsor of the team… But it’s special, because the uniform designers chose to use the old retro St-Hubert logo to fit in with the rest of the old school concept.

It’s cool too, because all the jerseys worn during the game will be auctioned off afterwards.

I invite you to read the fan comments under the Rocket’s X / Twitter post. In general, let’s just say that the jersey is very popular with fans, and that’s not necessarily surprising.

Who knows… maybe it’ll give the Rocket ideas for a third jersey.

In gusts

– Yikes. Doesn’t change what he did, though.

– Good listening.

– For better and for worse.

– What an experience!

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