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Louis Jean: Josh Anderson still attractive for a deal
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Josh Anderson’s season didn’t live up to expectations, far from it. After a spell in the doldrums, he was back on track by mid-season. However, the last few weeks have been rather difficult for the Tricolore’s number 17.

Not only is he no longer producing, but he’s having trouble making his presence felt on the ice. He doesn’t go for the net like he used to, and he doesn’t go to the hard-to-reach places.

He’s harder to defend right now, but despite this, Louis Jean, speaking on the “Sortie de Zone” podcast, mentioned that teams might be interested in his services.

He even believes that teams still see him as a train capable of rendering proud services in the playoffs.

“For me, there’s no doubt that teams look at Josh Anderson and say to themselves: playoffs.” – Louis Jean

NHL teams know him well and know that, under the right conditions, he can be effective. But from there to believing in a possible deal, it seems a bit far-fetched considering his long contract.

Jean is well aware of this and adds that the Habs will have to be creative to make it happen.

Let’s be honest, it would take a miracle to make it happen, but if Erik Karlsson and his huge salary have been traded, anything is possible.

Let’s get back to Anderson, who has 3 years left on his contract at $5.5 million a year. I can’t see Kent Hughes keeping even a portion of his salary for the next few years.

It’s never been part of his plan so far.

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