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Yaroslav Askarov’s 13-game unbeaten streak is staggering
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
This afternoon, the Milwaukee Admirals played a game against the Chicago Wolves.

The result?

The Admirals won the match 4-0… for their 18th straight victory. That’s right!

During this period, Yaroslav Askarov was truly dominant.

His statistics are mind-boggling, to say the least:

  • 13-0-0 record
  • 1.60 goals-against average
  • .940 efficiency rate
  • Five shutouts

The club’s other goaltender, Troy Gresenick, has also been excellent of late:

It’s always interesting to talk about Askarov because there’s a connection to be made with the Habs.

Remember that at the last draft, the Predators offered the goalie to Kent Hughes for the fifth overall pick (David Reinbacher)… A deal that would have caused quite a stir in Montreal, because in June, there were still a lot of questions about the Tricolore’s future in net.

That said, we’ve seen Samuel Montembeault’s progress and blossoming this season.

The Quebec goaltender is establishing himself as one of the best goaltenders in the National League, and what he’s accomplished since the start of the campaign with a decent line-up also deserves to be highlighted.

Certainly, at first glance, Askarov’s recent statistics make it easy to believe that the Habs have passed him by.

But the Habs aren’t necessarily in a bad situation right now, because since the trade, Monty has proven that he can be a good number one in the National League.

It’s true that a Montembeault-Askarov duo, as suggested by Georges Laraque last October, would be really special.

In bursts

– Poor kid.

– Blake Lizotte is back in the game.

– We don’t talk about him often enough.

– I love it!

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