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Craig Button has Lane Hutson as the Habs’ top prospect
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We’ve all fallen in love with Lane Hutson since he was selected in the second round of the 2022 draft.

His confidence, his elegance on the ice and, of course, his offensive qualities mean that everyone can’t wait to see him play in the NHL.

After all, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen a prospect playing the defenseman position who’s been the talk of Montreal.

So I didn’t fall out of my chair when I saw that the little defenseman was ranked 16th on Craig Button’s list of top NHL prospects.

Cutter Gauthier (1st), Will Smith (3rd) and Matvei Michkov (5th) are ranked in the top-5 of said list…

While after Hutson, there are also interesting names like Yaroslav Askarov (17th), Devon Levi (20th), David Jiricek (21st), Logan Stankoven (22nd) and Dalibor Dvorsky (26th) :

Hutson is having another big season at Boston University: he has 37 points (12 goals) in 28 games played, making him one of the top scorers on the NCAA circuit.

The more we talk about him, the more excited we get. And I have a feeling he’ll be fun to watch when he reaches the next level.

That said, there’s another item on Craig Button’s list that struck me.

Joshua Roy is ranked 30th, which is excellent because he was drafted in the 5th round… But at 33rd, we find the name of David Reinbacher, who was selected 5th in the last draft.

In Scott Wheeler’s list of the best prospect banks(the Habs are ranked 10th), Reinbacher should be a good 3rd or 4th defenseman in the NHL…

And this shows that the Austrian isn’t necessarily highly rated by the experts who keep a close eye on young prospects.

Should we be concerned? Did the Habs make a mistake by selecting him at No. 5, when several good forwards were still available?

To be continued.

In closing, Logan Mailloux is ranked 38th on Craig Button’s list. Shane Wright is ranked 44th.

In bursts

– Nice read on the deadline.

– Me too.

– Oh?

– Can’t wait to see if he gets traded.

– The question arises.

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