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Jordan Harris: Jimmy Murphy’s turn to confirm that he is “definitely” on the market
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Ahh, the Canadiens’ defensemen…

Last night, a journalist from The Hockey News, Jacob Stoller, suggested that in his opinion, Jordan Harris was definitely on the trade market. He said it last night on X.

One day, Kent Hughes will have to trade a young defenseman. The last time he traded a defenseman of the future was at the draft almost two years ago.

More will have to be traded soon.

But that doesn’t mean that just because the Habs have a surplus of defensemen on their roster, a young defenseman will be leaving any time soon.

It takes the right offer… for the right player.

But now, at noon, it’s Jimmy Murphy’s turn to say that the Habs have “definitely” put Harris on the trading block for what’s next.

Murphy asserts that Harris’ drop in the club’s hierarchy of defensemen means that the surplus of guys on the blue line could cost him his place in Montreal.

Harris, who is ineligible to go to Laval without going through the waivers, earns $1.4m per campaign for another year and a half. He will be RFA at the end of his current agreement.

He has a good relationship with Hughes, which leads Murphy to believe that the Habs’ GM won’t send him into a bad situation, if ever there is a deal.

I wonder, though, how much Kent Hughes will trade him this spring or even this summer. I can’t believe his value is that high… and if his best value is in Montreal, will the GM drop him for nothing? I’m not sure.

If he’s traded within the next two weeks (because yes, March 8 is 15 days away) by the Habs, he could be the most interesting piece of the club to leave the Habs between now and the deadline.

Harris has the reputation of being a good kid and a reliable defenseman, but he doesn’t have a great first quality on the ice. Will any club be willing to pay what the Habs GM is asking to get him out of Montreal?

In short

– Playing for the Olympics in 2022 helped a lot of guys get into the NHL.

– And it’s just the beginning. Will he see the real sun?

– He’ll be somewhere else in a year, in my opinion.

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