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The plan seems to be quite complicated for Kyle Dubas and the Penguins.
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Things look complicated in Pittsburgh.

The Penguins snapped up Erik Karlsson last summer to give Sidney Crosby, Kristopher Letang and Evgeni Malkin one last shot at winning… But it hasn’t worked out that way so far.

In fact, all indications are that the Penguins will miss the playoffs, as they sit eight points behind the Red Wings and a spot in the spring dance.

Kyle Dubas met the media today to discuss the team’s next steps.

We know that Jake Guentzel is a potential trade candidate, because the forward’s contract expires this season and because he’s a good value on the market. But let’s not forget that Guentzel is injured and will miss the next four weeks of activity.

When asked about his plans for the deadline, Dubas was a bit of a mixed bag.

The Penguins GM doesn’t want to be a buyer by March 8… But he also determined that the Penguins need tools to secure the team’s future, which isn’t the case right now because of their poor prospect bank.

The plan is not to rebuild, but to surround Crosby so that the captain can pave the way for the team’s younger players:

Sidney Crosby turns 37 this August.

The Penguins captain has played in every one of his team’s games this season… And if he keeps up the pace, he’ll finish the campaign with 85 points (47 goals).

All this to say that Crosby still has plenty left in the tank. But at some point, the Penguins are going to have to think about rebuilding their roster to compete in a few years’ time.

That’s kind of the problem in Pittsburgh: the Penguins may have some good veterans on the roster atthe moment… but they’ve sacrificed so much in recent years to win that they’ve got almost nothing left in the tank.

It’s going to take choices, it’s going to take young players… But it’s going to take something.

Otherwise, the club will find itself at the bottom of the NHL standings for years to come, much like San Jose is right now.

In gusto

– Good choice!

– MacKinnon is so dominant this season that I have a hard time betting against the Avalanche.

– Oh, no.

– It will be up to the players to answer the call.

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