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Players who could change address: Jake Allen is still very high on TSN’s list
Credit: YouTube
Jake Allen made 19 starts this season for the Canadiens.

The result? The goalie has won five games, including three in October. That means that since the start of November, he’s won just two of his last fifteen duels.

This is far from excellent.

The defense is young, the club is rebuilding… But the keeper isn’t doing the job.

It’s difficult for him recently to have a good game despite the circumstances surrounding the club, and that’s a problem, because Monty and Primeau are capable of doing it.

And when you think about his contract, which isn’t necessarily advantageous… That makes it extremely difficult for Kent Hughes to trade him before the trade deadline.

Even so, the goaltender’s name is still very high on TSN’s list of players who could change address between now and the deadline:

Note that the Flames (Hanifin, Markstrom, Tanev) and Flyers (Walker, Laughton) are well represented in the top-10 list.

It could get interesting in Calgary and Philly between now and March 8.

But if we go back to the Habs goalie, we know he’s a Stanley Cup winner…

We know he has the experience to guide the youngsters…

We know he’s appreciated in a hockey room because he’s got a great personality…

But I don’t see why a team would go after him because of the poor performances he’s been putting in for several months now.

Maybe the situation will change if Jacob Markström is traded quickly, because some teams might panic.

That said, it would be Kent Hughes’ lucky day, because his options at the moment are pretty limited.

In gusto

– Bravo!

– With good reason.

– It’s just perfect!

– Will they be traded by the deadline?

– Interesting, though.

– Good advice.

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