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Training: only Cole Caufield gets a treatment day
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

Over the past few days, the Canadiens’ top forwards have been absent from various training sessions. Cole Caufield, Juraj Slafkovsky and Nick Suzuki are clearly not at 100%.

On Sunday, all three forwards had a day of treatment at the same time. How injured are they? Do they need more rest than anything else because of their playing time? We don’t know.

But today, only Caufield had a day of treatment.

Does this mean that Slaf and Suzuki are less banged up than he is? Perhaps, yes. But since we don’t know anything about their boo-boos, we can’t really speculate on the subject.

The Canadiens are training in Brossard this morning after having a day off yesterday, but no game is on the menu for Martin St-Louis’ men tonight.

Tomorrow, the Sabres will be in town.

It’s too early to say anything about tomorrow’s game, of course. We can assume he’ll play tomorrow because he played the last game, but we’ll see in due course.

Let’s not forget that the Habs play three games in four nights starting tomorrow. The Sabres will be in town tomorrow, and the Habs will hit the road for games on Thursday (Pittsburgh) and Saturday (New Jersey).

With such a sequence, Caufield will need to be in shape. After all, if we’re going to continue to look to the future with this trio, we’re going to need everyone to keep producing.

Details to come…

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