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Over $12,600 (per ticket) to see Lionel Messi in Montreal
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
Lionel Messi in MLS is an unexpected gift for the league.

Seeing him with Inter Miami obviously adds a top-level player. This is bound to make the Florida club very strong on the pitch this season.

Can he win it all?

But it will also attract viewers and keep the crowds going. People are going to want to go and see the phenomenon when he visits the various cities in the league.

And that’s only natural.

As you know, many people in Montreal have bought CF Montreal season tickets just to make sure they’ll have a seat when Messi comes to town in May.

And inevitably, this has opened up the resale market.

When you look at, for example, you can see that the base prices are not the same for “normal” matches when you compare them to that Saturday in May when Messi will be in town.

The cheapest ticket is (more than) 22 times more expensive than a ticket against D.C. United, for example.

And when you go to see the actual tickets for the day, you realize that you can obviously spend thousands of dollars per ticket to attend the match against Inter Miami.

The most expensive? At the time of writing, we’re talking $12,617 a ticket – that’s over $25,000 a pair.

It’s the same on StubHub, where the most expensive ticket is priced at $11,509. That’s almost a bargain when you compare it to the price on, isn’t it?

And that brings us to the club’s official website this morning.

After all, the resale sites (presented above) have crazy prices, since it’s people with season tickets who are taking advantage of the moment to put their tickets online before CF Montreal sells theirs individually.

Inevitably, CF Montréal, which sees everything going its way, will no doubt use the principle of dynamic pricing (adjusting prices according to the market) to ensure that it’s not just resellers who benefit from all this.

Someone with access to the pricing chart on the club’s official website (for tickets that will be available on Friday) sent us the prices to expect for the May 11 match.

On the club’s site, it can go as high as $1799 for the match.

(Credit: CF Montréal)

On a related note, the excellent Nilton Jorge (who follows CF Montreal like no other) recently shared a screenshot of an amateur club in the Laurentians selling tickets for the match at $600 each.

The post has now disappeared, but the club said that was the original CF Montreal selling price.

So, yes, the hype around Messi coming to town has only just begun. The closer we get to May 11, the more Messi madness will take hold of Montreal.

Let’s just hope that an injury, however minor, doesn’t derail his presence at the stadium as it did in Hong Kong recently. After all, if that happens, Inter Miami would owe nothing to CF Montreal and protect its investment.

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