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A new premium section at the Bell Centre

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A new premium section at the Bell Centre
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The Habs, like all NHL clubs, are constantly working to improve their “customer experience”.

It’s important for the Montreal organization to attract spectators, but when they’re in the Bell Centre to watch a game, they have to be satisfied with what they’re experiencing… Otherwise, they won’t come back.

It’s logical, we agree.

We’re now in 2024. In recent years, we’ve seen clubs try their hand at modernizing their respective amphitheatres, as the Habs recently did with the inauguration of the Air Canada Signature Club, located in the Desjardins section.

That’s kind of where I’m headed.

This morning, Max Lalonde revealed on BPM Sports that a new “Prenium” section will be created at the Bell Centre, to be located in the reds at ice level (sections 121, 122 and 123) and called “le parterre”: :

Among other things, people will have access to a private resto in the Bell Centre, premium food stations and unlimited drinks.

It’s a good idea… but there’s a catch.

The problem, as Max Lalonde explained, is that there are season ticket holders who are usually seated in these sections. They’ll be at the Bell Centre tonight for a 5 à 7, when the Habs organization will present the new project.

According to Max Lalonde, the creation of the new section could result in the removal of 457 to 325 seats.

We’ll have to find a way to relocate season-ticket holders who have seats in those sections, because the price of season tickets in the “parterre” is astronomical:

The price for the parterre will vary between $20,000 and $29,000 depending on location (per ticket). – Max Lalonde

According to Max Lalonde, the new section is scheduled to open in the 2025-2026 season.

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