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A fart (or a microphone too loud) for Maxim Lapierre on TVA Sports?
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
For several years now, Maxim Lapierre and Guillaume Latendresse have had their podcast together: La Poche Bleue. The guys invite people to their podcast and do it according to their own rules.

Feel like taking the piss? They do. They want to say things that wouldn’t necessarily be said on TV? They do too, if they feel like it.

But they’re also TVA Sports employees. During Habs games on Saturday nights, we see them on the air to analyze what happened between the Habs and their opponents.

And here, the setting is more “serious”, since it’s a game broadcast. That doesn’t stop them from bringing their own color to the airwaves, which makes the whole thing more dynamic than elsewhere.

But sometimes there are also events that shouldn’t be on air.

In all likelihood, Maxim Lapierre let out a fart during the Canadiens’ last game, while standing next to Patrick Lalime and Guillaume Latendresse.

A TVA Sports listener(maxx_20_habs) posted the scene on TikTok, adding his own comments along the way.

@maxx_20_habs Farts live on TV 😂 #NHL #gohabsgo🔴⚪🔵 #hockey #canadiensmtl ♬ original sound – Maxime Rocheleau

If you listen to the scene, it’s clear that the guys start laughing (as quietly as possible) when they realize what’s just happened. Clearly, it’s what you think has happened.

Even the main guy thinks it looks like a gas. However, under the comments of the TikTok video, he mentioned that this is not the source of the three men’s laughter.

(Credit: TikTok)

He mentions that Pat Lalime’s microphone was connected all over the arena and that it sounded very loud. That’s why, according to Lapierre, the Habs game analyst said “it was coming out” towards the end of the video.

You can believe it or not, of course… but it’s all just funny, in the end.

In bursts

– He has no recollection of the scene.

– Seeing him skate is good news.

– Nice contract for the player.

– Morgan Rielly’s suspension stands.

– What’s next for the Red Sox?

– I guess so.

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