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Tired of being insulted, Linus Omark decides to close his Twitter account / X
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
Does the name Linus Omark ring a bell?

I remember him because when I was younger, I used to watch his shootout moves on YouTube every day or so.

He’s got a knack for scoring spectacular goals, in other words.

It’s like the time he was playing his very first NHL game…

And he decided to work his magic to score a magnificent goal, one that won the game for the Edmonton Oilers:

But you’re probably wondering why I’m talking about him today, when he played his last game in the National League 10 years ago (2013-2014 season).

Omark, who currently plays for Sweden’s Lulea team, decided to retire from the X / Twitter platform… Because he was fed up with being insulted by his club’s fans.

It’s worth noting that the Lulea team is eighth in the SHL overall standings and 20 points off first place, even though there were some big additions to the squad last off-season.

The team’s players have come in for a lot of criticism for not being as dominant as expected…

And it doesn’t help the fans’ anger that management did nothing during the transfer window that just ended.

Clearly, Omark had had enough of being rinsed on social networks and decided to take action by closing his Twitter / X account.

It’s got to be serious for him to be in this position, and it’s a shame because he has no way to protect himself.

The former Oilers star has 32 points (12 goals) in 43 SHL games this season, which is far from bad.

Even if he didn’t perform up to expectations, that’s no reason to insult him on the Internet, because what happens on the ice stays on the ice.

It’s a bummer, but this problem is never going to go away, because there’s always someone somewhere who’s going to say something stupid on the various social platforms, whatever the topic of discussion…

In short

– I’m Tij Iginla.

– Indeed.

– Wow.

– Giancarlo Stanton is unrecognizable!

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