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Training: a day of treatments for Suzuki, Caufield and Slafkovsky
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

After last night’s loss to the Washington Capitals, the Montreal Canadiens were back on the ice this morning for a training session.

Well, it quickly became apparent that the three forwards in the first trio were not present, as they were enjoying a day of treatment.

Oops, not the best news, let’s say.

The three best forwards need treatment because they’re single-handedly dragging the team down.

They were responsible for 17 of the 31 shots on goal for the Washington Capitals last night.

This is the third consecutive practice missed by captain Nick Suzuki, and the second for Cole Caufield.

That’s to be expected for both of them, especially Caufield, who was a pre-game decision for last night’s game, but in Slafkovsky’s case, it’s news that he, too, isn’t 100%.

The club’s three best players – the first trio, and therefore the only reason Tricolore fans still watch Habs games – are all somewhat bothered by injury or pain.

But that’s not stopping them from dominating and putting in one excellent performance after another.

Nick Suzuki (10 games) and Juraj Slafkovsky (eight games) have respectively extended their streaks of consecutive games with at least one point.

The theory that you don’t need to be at 100% to perform well and dominate is becoming increasingly credible.

In short, let’s hope that Suzuki, Caufield and Slafkovsky simply get some rest, given that they’ve been playing big minutes and big hockey lately.

I can only imagine that the three of them are having a great time in the spa and sauna together.

On the move

– A third game in three days for the Rocket.

– He’s looking more and more inhuman, that Auston Matthews.

– All the better.

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