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Jake Allen: clubs will be calling the Habs next summer, says Pierre LeBrun
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It’s no secret that the Habs are trying to trade Jake Allen.

If Kent Hughes had his price, we probably wouldn’t even be talking about the veteran as of today…

And it doesn’t help that the goalie has been bad since November.

Earlier today, I wrote about how it wouldn’t necessarily be a good idea for the Habs to buy out the veteran’s contract this summer.

The penalties are too high, so it would be more ideal for Kent Hughes to trade his goalie and try to keep half his salary.

If a similar transaction were to occur, it would be more likely to happen next summer, because most clubs are currently capped in terms of payroll…

And on this subject, Pierre LeBrun told BPM Sports today that there really could be some action next summer:

Teams have told the Habs they’ll inquire about Jake Allen in June, if he isn’t traded before then. – Pierre LeBrun

It really, really makes more sense.


Because next summer, there’s only one season left on the keeper’s contract. And that’s when Kent Hughes should take advantage.

Jake Allen has proven in the past that he can be useful to an NHL team.

He’s already won the Stanley Cup, he’s a good presence in the dressing room because he’s seen it all since the start of his career…

But the circumstances surrounding a transaction right now are simply not favorable to other Bettman Circuit teams, and therein lies the problem with Allen.

If his contract weren’t so onerous… And once again, if Allen had performed well after his excellent start to the season, surely he wouldn’t even be a member of the Montreal organization at the time of writing.

I hate to say it, but the Canadiens are still stuck with him because of all this.

In a gust

– So much the better.

– I’d forgotten about him.

– Let’s calm down a bit.

– Too bad.

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