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Even if he isn’t charged, Milan Lucic won’t play until the end of the season
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Earlier today, there was news about Milan Lucic.

We learned that prosecutors have dropped the domestic violence charge against the Bruins forward…

And the reason is simple: Lucic’s wife chose not to testify against him, preventing prosecutors from charging him with anything.

Even though, in the end, there will be no charges…

Still, the Bruins have decided to comment on the situation, saying that Lucic will not play again this season.

The Boston organization, in a statement, says it supports Lucic and his family as the player continues to work on himself :

This isn’t necessarily a surprise.

Accused or not… The Bruins seem keen to move on from the veteran and understandably so, especially after the saga surrounding the signing of the controversial Mitchell Miller last year.

It made headlines for all the wrong reasons in Boston, and even the players were unhappy with the signing.

Lucic, who signed a one-season contract last summer with the aim of finishing his career in Boston, where he started it, will be free as a bird this summer.

Does he still have a future in the NHL? He’ll have missed almost a full season of activity by the start of the next campaign, and it could be really difficult for him to get back into shape, especially as his body doesn’t seem to have been up to the task for a few years now.

Lucic played just four games this season in Boston, picking up two assists in the process.

In gusto

– NHL moves to Prague and Tampere next season :

– Beautiful letter.

– It’s as if a fine of less than $3,000 is going to change anything in the Canucks player’s life….

– It’s a shame.

– Let’s see!

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