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Since the start of the season, Joshua Roy has been living with Alexis Lafrenière
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
Last night was a special game for Joshua Roy.

The Quebecer was playing his first match at Madison Square Garden (at the professional level), an impressive amphitheater because of its history…

And it was also the first match of his professional career against his good friend Alexis Lafrenière.

There’s a bond between the two players because they share the same agency.

Lafrenière and Roy became friends because they also train together during the summer, but it goes even further than that.

On TVA Sports’ JiC show last night, Renaud Lavoie revealed that Roy has been living with Lafrenière since the start of the season, when the latter bought a house on Montreal’s North Shore last summer.

La Poche Bleue also reported the news:

It’s cool, for real.

At least it allows Alexis Lafrenière to have someone at home to take care of his house…

And for Roy, it’s less stressful because he gets to live with one of his buddies.

Joshua Roy is 20 years old, after all. That’s one less problem he has to deal with, when he’s just starting out professionally. Especially since he’s not making an astronomical salary, considering he’s still on his NHL entry-level contract.

I wonder what the rent is like, though… Hehe.

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