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Craig Button: “Zegras is a game changer, a franchise changer”.
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There’s always, always one player who will find himself in the Montreal rumour mill, even if he’s not wearing a Habs uniform.

Before he was traded to the Kings, it was Pierre-Luc Dubois…

And now, for some time now, it’s Trevor Zegras.

Of course, the idea of acquiring a player like Zegras may be appealing to some, because the Habs are looking for a talented forward who can round out one of their top two attacking trios.

Zegras fits that bill, especially since he’s young and Cole Caufield’s best friend…

Craig Button, who knows the Ducks player well, recently told Tony Marinaro’s podcast that the best fit for Zegras is in Montreal.

Obviously, all this gives hope to those who want to see him end up in town… But Button goes even further than that.

For him, Zegras is a game changer, a guy who has what it takes to turn the tide at the Habs:

I want Zegras in my club. Zegras is a game changer, a franchise changer […] If that guy is available, I’ll call Pat Verbeek every day. – Craig Button

Button goes on to say that Zegras is a winner… And he ends his parenthesis by saying that players like Zegras are rare:

I have a feeling he’s pushing the note a bit. Listening to Craig Button, you’d think he was talking about a Sidney Crosby, a Connor McDavid or a Nathan MacKinnon…

Trevor Zegras is a good hockey player, and it’s true that his talent spills out of his ears. But I wonder why the Ducks would want to trade him if everything Button says is true.

The Ducks are rebuilding… and want to trade one of their best young players just like that? There’s something wrong with all this.

Let’s not forget that there was a conflict between the club and the player when he was supposed to sign his contract last summer, and that it took a long time to come to an agreement.

Is this the main reason why the Ducks insist on trading him?

Someone somewhere is going to have to explain at some point, because there are so many unknowns in the file.

Again, I’m repeating myself…

But why would the Ducks want to trade a game changer, a franchise changer (according to Craig Button) when they’re still looking to cross over to the other side of the mountain?

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