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Jake Allen in Colorado: several people refute the rumor
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Over the past few minutes, the hockey world has been in a state of flux. Especially for those who follow the Habs.

It started with the news that Jeff Gorton could potentially be a target for the Blue Jackets’ GM job. Darren Dreger didn’t say it quite that explicitly, but…

But keep in mind that an informant like him who talks like that, linking a manager to a team, is possibly doing so with something in the back of his mind. These guys don’t often talk for nothing, let’s say.

Then there’s the Jake Allen story.

It all started when Matt Murley, who is associated with the Spittin’ Chiclets podcast and has a 90,000-person following on X, posted a tweet about Jake Allen going to Colorado, according to what he was hearing.

He claimed the Avalanche would secure the goaltender the club needed for another Cup run. But in the end, it quickly became clear that the information wasn’t exactly true.

Darren Dreger tweeted that, no, Jake Allen wasn’t going to Denver. He even added that there had been no discussions for days between the Habs and the Avalanche. Can’t wait to hear Dreger on TSN 690 tomorrow…

Nothing close at this stage. – Darren Dreger

Of course, we know that the Habs GM is open to the idea of ending the ménage à trois before March 8, but it would have to come at his price. Otherwise, it’ll have to wait until this summer.

Remember that Jake Allen earns $3.85 million for another year and a half. The Habs can withhold 50% of his salary.

That said, even though Dreger and Adrian Dater (who covers the Avalanche) have denied the rumour, the fact remains that, given the number of people who have talked about the fact that discussions are taking place, it’s safe to assume that it’s close.

Dater mentioned that the Avalanche had their nose in the matter… just before saying that the transaction might not happen, but that the club is indeed looking for a goaltender.

I wonder if Allen, who can refuse to be traded to seven NHL teams this season, has or hasn’t given his OK to a deal in Colorado – and if the discussions have reached that point, obviously. That would explain everything that’s been going on for the past hour, wouldn’t it?

After all, even if we understand that he wasn’t traded this morning, maybe there’s no smoke without fire…

In gossip

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– Connor Bedard back tonight?

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– I’ll believe it when I see it.

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