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Kent Hughes continues to insist he’s looking to trade a goalie
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The Canadiens’ ménage à trois has its shortcomings.

It doesn’t allow a young goalie like Cayden Primeau to develop properly, because he has to play to have the opportunity to progress…

And it complicates the job of Martin St-Louis, who has to make decisions without insulting his three goaltenders.

At least, for the past few games, Samuel Montembeault has been used the most.

This makes sense, because he received a vote of confidence from the organization when he signed a contract extension in early December.

The Quebecer, we agree, is clearly the best of the three since the start of the season.

Primeau has been decent, on the whole… And it’s been really tough for Jake Allen since November.

It’s hard to give the work of the three goalkeepers an excellent grade, but the guys are clearly doing enough to satisfy the team’s general manager.

Kent Hughes, who appeared on Pierre LeBrun and Ryan Rishaug’s Got Yer Back podcast, praised the performance of his goaltenders:

Overall, our goalies have been excellent all season. – Kent Hughes

Did the GM say this because he’s looking for a partner to dance with, as he’s been trying to trade a goalie for some time?

Monty has been good so far, it’s true that Primeau has had some good games and it’s true that Allen was excellent at the start of the season…

But to say that the guys have been excellent all season is a bit of a stretch.

We understand that the GM wasn’t going to openly say he hates his players’ performance, but still.

You have to be realistic too.

If Allen had performed better in recent weeks, maybe we wouldn’t even be talking about it today.

But then again… A team would have had to be willing to swallow his contract, and therein lies the problem with the veteran.

Of course, Kent Hughes touched on several other subjects during his interview with Pierre LeBrun and Ryan Rishaug.

What caught my attention?

1. It’s hard to assess the team’s overall performance right now because there are players out with injuries.

In his comments, Hughes really emphasized the importance of a player like Kirby Dach, who has only played two games this season.

The GM sounds like a guy who can’t wait for the big forward, who skated this morning, to return.

2. The Sean Monahan transaction was difficult because the veteran was appreciated within the organization.

Kent Hughes also confessed that the Elias Lindholm trade changed everything… So much so that things got unblocked really quickly afterwards.

Speaking of Monahan, Pierre LeBrun asked Hughes if the discussion with Martin St-Louis went well when the player was traded, and Hughes joked that the discussion fortunately took place over the phone :

3. Everyone’s talking about Juraj Slafkovsky’s progression lately, and the organization is aware of what’s happening right now.

Clearly, Kent Hughes didn’t hesitate before stating that his young player is headed in the right direction.

4. The plan, going forward, is to add the services of a player who can help the team in the long term.

Kent Hughes would like to get his hands on a young player who would fit in with the rebuilding timeline…

But the GM hasn’t closed the door on the idea of going for an older guy, if he ever has what it takes to help the club.

5. In closing…

Kent Hughes, talking about the rebuild, said he likes where the Habs are right now. However, the Flanelle general manager is also aware that there’s still “a long way to go” before we see the light at the end of the tunnel.

In bursts

– Arber Xhekaj feels appreciated in the room.

– He’s not lucky.

– Love it.

– Connor McDavid is exceptional.

– It goes without saying.

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