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Jake Allen: Seeing Jacob Markstrom traded would help Kent Hughes
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At the moment, the transaction market hasn’t taken off. Except, of course, for the center players following the treaties involving Elias Lindholm and Sean Monahan.

But what about other positions? We’re taking it easy.

Among goalkeepers, it’s been months since an NHL goalie has been traded. That almost changed with Jacob Markstrom, but it didn’t happen.

Of course, we don’t know if Markstrom, who earns six million dollars a year for another two and a half years, will indeed be traded. He’s not a rental player, after all.

But if he is traded, it could affect the NHL.

After all, several clubs are currently looking for a goaltender. If Markstrom is no longer an option following a trade, it’s obvious that teams will look elsewhere.

And according to Darren Dreger, that could potentially help the Habs.

If Jacob Markstrom is traded, perhaps it can jump-start the goaltending market and bring Jake Allen back into play. – Darren Dreger

It was on TSN 690, which survived the recent Bell cuts, that the informant said this. And as you can tell from the tone of the sentence, it’s not a sure thing.

The word “maybe” is important to me. After all, Jake Allen isn’t the most attractive goalie on the circuit, let’s face it.

But hey. If Kent Hughes is able to find a fish after hooking a worm, it’ll be a big win for the Habs, who’ve been managing three goalies for too long.

I’d be more than surprised, however, if Allen finishes the season somewhere other than Montreal. After all, whatever the market, he doesn’t inspire confidence.

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