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Trevor Zegras file: “If I want to see lace, I’ll look at my wife’s dresses”.
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
Yesterday, the Canadiens enjoyed a day off. After playing two games in two days to coincide with Super Bowl weekend, there was no practice yesterday morning.

We imagine, however, that the club’s doctors didn’t get the day off. With the injuries sustained by Kaiden Guhle and Jordan Harris in Sunday’s game, there was work to be done in assessing them.

Speaking of Harris, it looks like Samuel Blais is going to make it through without getting his knuckles rapped.

But today, it starts all over again for the Canadiens. The club will face the Anaheim Ducks at the Bell Centre, and to prepare, a training session is on the menu at 10:30 a.m.

We’ll be watching to see if the injured defensemen will be absent, as we think they will be. We’ll see if at least one Laval player (Justin Barron or Logan Mailloux) will be on hand. We’ll be watching to see which goalkeeper does the starter’s routine.

The Canadiens’ challenge will be not to underestimate the Ducks. Yes, Anaheim has a bad club, but let’s just say that the Habs don’t have the team of the year on the ice either, do they?

When the Ducks are in town, the subject of Trevor Zegras inevitably comes up. Even though he’s currently on the injured list, when we talk about the Habs and the Ducks, his name comes up a lot.

Last night, at the Antechamber, the subject was discussed: would Trevor Zegras be a good asset for the Habs?

Vincent Damphousse said no, Denis Gauthier said yes… and both men explained their points. And when it was Gilbert Delorme’s turn, the panelist didn’t need as long to explain his point of view.

If I want to see lace, I’ll look at my wife’s dresses and that’ll be fine. – Gilbert Delorme

Obviously, I don’t think I need to tell you that the former Canadiens player wouldn’t want to see the Habs acquire his services. In his eyes, he’s not a player who plays the right way.

I wonder, should Zegras ever come to town, what effect it would have on his friend Cole Caufield. On the ice, it would surely be quite impressive to see.

But picking up a Zegras wouldn’t necessarily be all rosy. He’s not a guy who plays on 200 feet, let’s say. Could Martin St-Louis be the kind of driver who could place him?

I’m among those who want the Habs to take an interest in Zegras. And depending on the asking price, we’ll see.

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