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Bob Hartley: “Reinbacher is a hard worker”.
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Many fans and experts are eager to see young David Reinbacher play with either the Montreal Canadiens or the Rocket Laval, depending on where he starts his North American career.

I’m one of them, and I have to say that I’m looking forward to seeing him play almost as much as Lane Hutson. It’s a little hard not to put our future Bobby Orr at the top of this list.

On the other hand, Reinbacher has excellent potential and it’s hard to deny that.

Despite the fact that he plays for one of the worst teams in the Swiss-A, he’s showing great progression. Even if his offensive output is lower than last year, he remains a very important player for EHC Kloten.

Today, in his daily “Retour des Sportifs” column on BPM Sports, Bob Hartley reported what his friends in Switzerland had to say about the young Austrian defender.

And let’s just say they had some very kind words for Reinbacher.

“The kid is a hard worker. He demands to have private sessions in addition to team workouts.” – Bob Hartley

I invite you to listen to the full review , right here.

Hartley also mentioned that Reinbacher watches a lot of video and asks the Habs to send videos.

It has to be said that the young defenseman has an excellent work ethic and that it can pay off big time in the NHL. Managers and coaches love it when a player asks for work in order to improve, and that can only be good for him.

Hartley believes that the criticism levelled at him because of his club’s poor season is unfair.

“I think we’re giving him a lot of responsibility. The kid is showing exemplary maturity. It’s going to have been a good investment.” – Bob Hartley

Hartley definitely thinks highly of Reinbacher.

In fact, he expects the 19-year-old to play for the Laval Rocket next year.

And as Hartley has already mentioned, he needs to get to Montreal as soon as possible.

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