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It’s Ryan Reaves’ turn to (severely) criticize Ridley Greig
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Even though the events unfolded on Saturday evening, people are still talking about Morgan Rielly’s blow to Ridley Greig’s head.

The debate is still raging, because there’s a clash of opinions about the situation.

On the Leafs’ side, the guys are still very frustrated with Greig’s behavior. Each of the Toronto players has something to say about the fact that the Sens player decided to take a slap shot to score in an empty net… And let’s not forget that even Claude Giroux seemed to have a problem with the whole thing.

Today, it was Ryan Reaves’ turn to add his two cents about what happened at Saturday’s game…

And the Leafs’ agitator, let’s put it this way, didn’t hold back in his harsh criticism of the Senators’ young player:

If you go back to when I came into this league, Greig is probably still lying on the ice […] I don’t understand how a player that young could think it’s appropriate to do something like that. – Ryan Reaves


I don’t mind believing the Leafs players aren’t happy, but at some point, you’d have to come back from that too.

Ridley Greig didn’t kill anyone… He didn’t hurt anyone….

But the Leafs’ organization stubbornly acts as if it’s the end of the world.

And yet, as Mathias Brunet explained in a recent article

Instead of crying to the media because they’re angry, maybe the players should focus on what’s really important: their season.

Because right now, the Leafs are in first place in the Wild Card standings in the East, and the Islanders, who don’t occupy a playoff spot at the time of writing, are only four points behind Toronto:

Sheldon Keefe said he was surprised that his defenseman would have to explain himself in person for his gesture, but the coach also maintains that it’s normal because his club “attracts a lot of attention because of its media coverage”.

Again, I think that’s a bit babyish.

Because in the end, whether Greig’s gesture went down well or not… Morgan Rielly didn’t need to go and give him a cross-check directly in the face.

And it’s not because Rielly plays for the Leafs that his gesture attracted attention. It’s because he was dangerous, plain and simple.

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