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Kaiden Guhle: Arpon Basu doesn’t expect to see him back soon
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Yesterday afternoon, the Montreal Canadiens lost to the Dallas Stars at home. They lost the game… but they lost two defensemen: Kaiden Guhle and Jordan Harris.

Harris’ case, as we’ve seen, seems clear: he looks concussed. I don’t expect to see him any time soon, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see him head for the injured list.

What about Guhle? Let’s just say that the blow he suffered doesn’t exactly seem to have done him any good.

What I think is a shame about Guhle is that he has a history of injuries. Every time he gets tackled, you wonder if he’s going to get back up. And yesterday was even harder.

In the longer term, when the time comes to talk about a contract with him and when the time comes to win more games, it will be more important than it is right now.

But we still have to think about the short term. After all, tomorrow, the Canadiens will host the Anaheim Ducks, and we have to wonder if Guhle will be able to play.

And in the light of Arpon Basu’s (The Athletic) article, we can’t help but be concerned.

If Guhle is out long-term – and looking at this, it’s hard to imagine he’ll be back anytime soon – the Habs will have a big problem on their hands. – Arpon Basu

It’s the kind of move that may mean the player won’t be away too long, but it’s also the kind of move that may mean the player won’t be back quickly.

And it’s not encouraging to see a journalist like that saying such things.

Currently, in addition to Harris and Guhle, the Canadiens are counting on the four other defensemen who played yesterday (Mike Matheson, David Savard, Jayden Struble and Johnathan Kovacevic) and on Arber Xhekaj. All five are expected to play tomorrow.

And if the two injured players can’t play tomorrow, Laval will inevitably have to be recalled to fill a position on the blue line. That’s only to be expected under the circumstances.

Note that to make room for a recalled player, this would have to involve using the injured list, since the club has 13 forwards in town… including Brendan Gallagher, who will serve his final game of suspension tomorrow. So they don’t have the luxury of sending a Joshua Roy to Laval, let’s say.

Unless something big happens (like a trade or something), the injury list could be used to make room in the lineup between now and tomorrow’s game.

If Guhle and/or Harris were to be placed on the injured list to recall a defenseman, it’s safe to assume that a right-hander would be the lucky one. Justin Barron would have a good chance of being recalled, I’d imagine.

Unless the Habs want to try out Logan Mailloux?

But hey. Regardless of who will or won’t be recalled, the consensus is that the Habs would love to have Kaiden Guhle around. He’s clearly the Habs’ best young defenseman in 2023-2024 and looks like a veteran.

Replacing him wouldn’t be easy.

An injury of Guhle’s kind, no matter how severe, is also a reminder of just how important veterans Mike Matheson and David Savard are to the Habs.

Kent Hughes is understandably reluctant to trade them at any price.

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