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At least the Super Bowl will help us forget the Habs’ disastrous weekend.
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What’s next? Did you enjoy your Super Bowl?

The Chiefs’ victory yesterday was undoubtedly very good for the NFL. When a club as high-profile as Kansas City wins, it’s always good to get people talking, we’ll agree.

Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift (who already has a championship as a supporter, no less) and Andy Reid have inevitably attracted attention for the right reasons, but also for the wrong ones. Kelce’s crisis was the talk of the town – and with good reason.

Good thing the Chiefs won. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be talking about it anymore.

Let’s note that Kelce explained himself, after the game. He obviously didn’t reveal the nature of his conversation (I say conversation, but the pilot didn’t talk much), but he did say that it was out of “love” that he did it.

Whether it was the halftime show (for which I was definitely not the target audience) or the game itself, the NFL managed to keep its fans on the edge of their seats for hours.

It was a great end-of-season celebration, then.

For the Habs, we imagine the game was quite popular. After all, the guys take their fantasy football very seriously throughout the NFL season.

It must have been the same yesterday.

We know that some of the guys got together to watch the game. David Savard was with a group that was counting on Cole Caufield, who posted a photo of the Quebecer and his jersey.

And clearly, he looks like Jason Kelce, Travis’ brother. Even though he was wearing a sweater and not a jacket. #SeparatedAtBirth

That said, the guys got together after a tough loss to watch the Super Bowl, and let’s just say the timing could hardly have been worse for the Flanelle. But why?

Because it was a horrible weekend. Martin St-Louis’ tone in yesterday’s press conference confirms it.

Saturday’s game may not seem like much of a thaw, but the Stars still scored two quick goals in the second period while the Habs lost Rafaël Harvey-Pinard for four to six weeks. Do you find this optimal?

Renaud Lavoie, this morning on BPM Sports, says the Habs are aiming for a return in five weeks in the case of the Quebecer.

But it was Sunday’s game that really hurt. Against the Blues, Jake Allen didn’t deliver the goods, and it started as early as the 25th second of the game. It set the tone.

He gave up seven goals in a performance that certainly won’t help his GM trade him… but it did help the Blues’ Twitter account manager look good. After a half, when the Chiefs were doing nothing, it went like this.

After the Stars taunted the Habs after Saturday’s poutine game, the Blues added to it.

In other words, the Habs played poorly, didn’t always put in enough effort, lost twice, got washed out, lost men in combat, were humiliated at home AND were humiliated on social networks?

For me, the worst part of all this is the fact that three guys were injured over the weekend. We’ve talked about RHP, who’s on the injured list, but we really need to talk about Jordan Harris and Kaiden Guhle.

Harris’ case seems pretty clear: he has a concussion. It hasn’t been confirmed, but let’s just say I’m pretty sure of my shot. I don’t expect to see him back right away, let’s say.

As for Kaiden Guhle, he’ll continue to be assessed by the club. He’ll be tested today, during the training day off, and we’ll see how that goes.

Will either defender be added to the injured list?

(Credit: Cap Friendly)

Tomorrow’s training session, before the game against the Ducks, will show how the Habs have managed everything.

And I’m not talking about managing the forwards, since all 12 healthy guys (except Brendan Gallagher, who’s suspended for one more game) should be in the lineup.

I expect Arber Xhekaj to take Jordan Harris’ place in the line-up. That said, if Harris goes on the injured list, could Justin Barron be recalled? And if he is, would it be to warm up a seat in the press gallery?

To be continued.

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