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Sheldon Keefe on Morgan Rielly’s blow to Ridly Greig’s head: “it was appropriate”
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
There was an unusual scene last night in the Battle of Ontario, as the Toronto Maple Leafs visited the Ottawa Senators.

So unusual and viral, it’s worthy of its own text outside the top-5.

The scene quickly made the rounds on social networks, with everyone having their own opinion on the situation.

Let me explain.

Up 4-3 with seconds left in the game, the Senators took the puck out of their territory, allowing forward Ridly Greig to find himself completely alone in front of the Leafs’ empty net.

Instead of simply depositing the puck in the gaping cage, Greig went for a shot on goal, using all his power.

The Leafs (understandably) didn’t take too kindly to the gesture, and Morgan Rielly was the first to lunge at Greig with his stick in the face.

Here’s the scene.

My opinion of the scene is as follows.

Greig took an arrogant and unnecessary shot on goal, when he could have simply put the puck in the empty net and had the same result.

He was trying to disturb the opposition with this gesture, and he must have expected a visitor.

However, Rielly’s action is unacceptable.

I would have had no problem with him squabbling with Greig after the whistle.

On the other hand, such a dangerous blow to the head was really, really unnecessary.

Rielly suffered a massive brain cramp, and should be suspended for a few games in my opinion.

Yet his head coach, Sheldon Keefe, said after the game that Rielly’s gesture was appropriate.

I beg your pardon?

Yes, yes, you heard me right, Keefe defended Morgan Rielly’s hit to the head on Ridly Greig, practically saying it was deserved.

It’s understandable that Greig’s arrogant and unnecessary gesture wasn’t appreciated by the coach, but to defend his defender’s dirty hit?


It’s a situation we’ll be watching closely today and in the coming days to see if Rielly will be suspended and Keefe fined for his remarks.


Keefe also had plenty to say during the game, as he was quick to give his thoughts to the referees about the penalty given to the Leafs after another Tim Stützle dive.

In short, it wasn’t a good night for Keefe and the Leafs, who lost the game 5-3 to the Senators and thereby lost their place in the top-3 in the division and are now among the drafted teams.

Things aren’t going well in Toronto, and the frustration was felt in many ways last night, by players and coaches alike.

Imagine if Toronto missed the playoffs…

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