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Cayden Primeau hasn’t started a game in 23 days
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
Since returning from his week-and-a-half off, Martin St-Louis has put his faith in Samuel Montembeault for the first two games, against the Capitals and Stars.

And tomorrow, Jake Allen will start against his former team, the St. Louis Blues.

If that’s not a disavowal of Cayden Primeau, I don’t know what is. The American hasn’t started a game in 23 days.

And he won’t play again until Tuesday. So we can say – if he faces the Ducks on Tuesday – that he won’t have started a game in 25 days.

I say start a game because the man who hasn’t won since Christmas came on in relief of Montembeault on January 20 in Boston. However, he only played half a period…

The fact that Monty is playing most of the games is encouraging. After all, people pay to see him. But seeing Allen get more playing time isn’t necessarily ideal for Primeau’s development or for the fans… The veteran started his last game on January 27. It was his last game before the All-Star break.

Primeau must play. Whether in the metropolis or elsewhere, he’s got to be on the ice for a game.

At least he doesn’t seem to have a bad attitude, quite the contrary.

A true professional, with an efficiency average of .899 and a goals-against average of 3.36 in 2023-2024.

As for the ménage à trois, it makes you wonder if he’s currently the third goalie. That’s what the goaltending rotation has led us to believe recently.

Even if the Habs are at home on Tuesday and on the road on Thursday, I don’t see why Primeau wouldn’t play against the Ducks, an opponent they can take. There’s always the possibility that he’ll face the Rangers on Thursday so Montembeault doesn’t have to sit out two games in a row, but I’ve seen stranger things this season with the Habs.

Here are the team’s upcoming games:

  • Sunday against St. Louis (Jake Allen)
  • Tuesday against Anaheim
  • Thursday against New York
  • Saturday against Washington

If Primeau doesn’t play at least one of these games, waivers will (more than ever) have to become an option sooner rather than later…

In gusto

– Samuel Montembeault and Nick Suzuki among the best Canadian players, according to Kevin Bieksa.

– Well said.

– Of note.

– Well deserved.

– Not necessary…

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