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Josh Anderson has just two more assists than Jacob Markstrom this season
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One of the Montreal Canadiens’ most disappointing players this season is forward Josh Anderson.

Indeed, the Habs’ number 17 is producing at a rate well below expectations.

His 13 points in 47 games are very disappointing, especially considering that Anderson earns $5.5 million per season, making him the club’s fourth-highest paid player (excluding Carey Price, of course).

Seven goals past mid-season is far too few for a player who is supposed to be a power forward capable of scoring goals.

Last season, Anderson scored 21 goals and 32 points in 69 games, which was far more respectable and acceptable.

That was a production of 0.46 points per game, well above this season’s 0.28.

In short, things aren’t going well for Anderson, and his little good run in December didn’t turn things around for him.

Things are so bad for Anderson in terms of production that, in terms of assists this season, he has only two more than Calgary Flames goalie Jacob Markstrom.

Yes, yes, only two more assists than a goalkeeper who played 32 games this season.

That’s a pretty mind-boggling statistic, and says a lot about Anderson’s current season.

And it’s not as if he hasn’t had his chances.

He’s been placed on the first line with Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield time and time again, and he’s always been given ice time on the power play.

It’s a shame about Anderson, because we all like the guy, but right now he’s more of a detriment than anything else.

Let’s also give some credit to Jacob Markstrom, because four assists is a lot for a goalie, and a personal best for him.

And when we analyze this statistic further, we realize that Markstrom has more assists than many NHL players with a certain reputation.

The obvious one is Trevor Zegras, who has just three assists in 20 games this season, one less than Markstrom.

Zegras is having a very difficult season, which explains the various trade rumours concerning him.

We know that the Montreal Canadiens is a team that often comes back into the picture.

In short, we hope Anderson and Zegras finish their respective seasons with more assists than Markstrom.

It’s sure to be a heated battle.

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– Not crazy.

– Indeed, it’s good for the Habs.

– I agree. There’s no reason for this kind of move.

– Wow.

– Oh well.

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