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The time Marc Bergevin had one of my sources fired
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Anyone who knows me knows that I try to have fun every day I’m lucky enough to spend on this earth. The more I laugh during the day, the more I tell myself in the evening that I’ve had a good day.

I’ve always attached great importance to having fun when it comes to making decisions, whether personal, professional or business. My twenties can testify to that.

I’ve always had fun riding DansLesCoulisses, especially since I’m as well surrounded as I am now.

And for the past two weeks, I’ve had BIG fun co-hosting the Stanley25 podcast alongside my good buddy Jean “JT” Trudel.

The first episode, launched on Monday, has already been viewed over 6,500 times on YouTube. Our anecdotes about Angela Price, Enrico Ciccone, the bosses we’ve had in the traditional media and others have got people talking about the show, hehe.

Well, it won’t be long before we’re back with a second episode, released in the last few hours. Both episodes are now available on YouTube, but also on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music and others.

The best bits of this second episode?

– 8:00: Lyle Odelein still fights in bars sometimes.

– 14:00: Arber Xhekaj, the Canadian and his business partners.

– 21:00: Josh Anderson’s beach shape.

– 35:00: How I got scoop from Marc Bergevin (indirectly).

– 37:00: When Marc Bergevin set a trap for one of my sources and fired a guy who’d given me the scoop.

– 40:00: The day JT ran into Mike Ribeiro in a Nashville bar (when everyone was looking for him). #AllAstory

– 1:02:00: What JT did in the hours following the sale of 25Stanley (and the big check that came with it).

– 1:09:00: Do I hate Renaud Lavoie?

Don’t hesitate to subscribe to the YouTube channel of 9Millions, our partner in this project, and to give us your opinion on this new project (which doesn’t look like much, I agree).

Next week, we’ll be talking sports, of course, but also about what it’s like to serve a prison sentence. We’ll be joined on set by a former inmate… and we’ll be asking him all the real questions. Because the Stanley25 Podcast is more than just a sports podcast.

In brief

– The Oilers are (really) looking for a top-6 forward, and they’ll try to get him before March 8. #Guentzel?

– Joshua Roy on the first line in Laval.

– Jakub Dobes will try to get the Rocket back on the winning track tonight in Toronto.

– Predators could trade Alex Carrier.

– People wanted to see Lionel Messi. Let’s hope they don’t do the same in Montreal in May.

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