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Candidates likely to be traded: 4 Habs players, including Jordan Harris
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We’re in the final stretch of the NHL regular season.

Clubs have about 30 games to play before the next playoffs begin…

And they also have until March 8, the transaction deadline, to improve their respective line-ups.

In Montreal, the deadline could be quiet because Sean Monahan has already changed address.

There are guys in Martin St-Louis’ line-up who could be of interest to other teams, but Kent Hughes will have to have his price to let one of his players go.

In a recent Sportsnet article listing a number of players likely to be traded between now and March 8, four Canadiens players made the list.

Not surprisingly, Jake Allen and David Savard are mentioned…

Tanner Pearson’s name, surprisingly, is also on the list…

But there’s also the name of Jordan Harris in said list, which is a little unexpected because there hasn’t been any talk of the possibility of trading him lately :

I’m a little surprised to see Harris on the list.

Why is that?

Because he’s been left out a few times since the start of the season, when the Habs don’t have the best defense in the Bettman circuit…

And now he’d have what it takes to help any other club?

The fact that he has a cap hit of only $1.4M for next season may make him interesting to a certain extent, but we’re also talking about a defenseman who is rather limited offensively.

He doesn’t hit, he doesn’t have a shot that allows him to be dangerous in the opposing zone…

Harris can be reliable on the ice, but I find it hard to believe that teams look at him on the ice and salivate at the idea of going after him.

That said, it’s true that Kent Hughes will have to trade one or more left-handed defensemen because there’s a lot of congestion on the left side of the blue line in the organization…

But seeing Harris leave before the deadline doesn’t make much sense to me.

At least, I don’t see why any NHL team would have its eye on him. He’s relatively capable of getting the job done on the ice, but we’re not talking about the seventh wonder of the world either.

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