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Nordiques: Éric Girard to help Pierre-Karl Péladeau choose his allies
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The potential return of the Quebec Nordiques will always be the talk of the town. Even with Gary Bettman at the helm of the NHL, the chances of success are pretty slim.

We know that while many people want to see the Nordiques return, the NHL doesn’t see things the same way.

The best we’re likely to get is for the Kings to come and play games at the Centre Vidéotron during the next training camp. But that’s a more… sensitive issue, as you know.

All of which is to say that while Quebec City would like to be part of the next NHL expansion process, and Pierre-Karl Péladeau would be open to any possibility of seeing hockey back in town, the chances of that happening are slim.

When Gary Bettman names Cincinnati and Omaha before Quebec City, it’s not exactly a good sign. Omaha!

But hey. Still, Pierre-Karl Péladeau isn’t going to stop pushing to fill Centre Vidéotron with an NHL team overnight.

And according to what Réjean Tremblay said this morning in his text on the BPM Sports website, we can expect PKP to have help in forming a consortium to bring the NHL back to Quebec City.

Because yes, it’s probably via a group of shareholders that this will happen.

All this to say that, according to the veteran journalist, it’s Éric Girard, Quebec’s Finance Minister, who will help Mr. Péladeau set up the consortium in question.

Of course, Girard is the man who brought the Nordiques Kings to Quebec City, footing a multimillion-dollar bill for Quebecers in the process.

He’s also the one who estimated the chances of seeing the Nordiques again at 10%, thanks to clever mathematical calculations. He’s the man who finally failed to meet Gary Bettman in November, despite a scheduled meeting .

He’s also the man who would have lost feathers in the eyes of Canadian conservatives following his decision to pay to bring the Kings to Quebec City.

This raises the question of whether the man who is increasingly contested in Quebec (not least because he belongs to the CAQ) is the right ally for Pierre-Karl Péladeau, who probably won’t have eight more chances to bring the Nordiques back.

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