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Skills competition: Logan Mailloux stands out from the crowd
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

That’s it: the NHL All-Star festivities are behind us. After a few days of talking about Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift Tate McRae, Connor McDavid, Nikita Kucherov and Nick Suzuki, we can get back to our usual programming… which is to just talk about Suzuki.

I’m not necessarily saying this as if I’m completely fed up with the All-Star festivities, though. After all, even though the event has lost some of its lustre since I was a kid, the break was good for everyone, and it gave Montreal a chance to breathe a little.

Or down south, for the majority of Habs players.

However, I’m not angry to be back to the usual program concerning the Habs. The Sean Monahan transaction… Lucas Condotta’s recall… Brandon Gignac’s contract… yesterday’s training session… the one at 10:30 a.m. today… the flight to Washington… these are all subjects that are back on the table.

So it’s back to the Habs.

At the Rocket, however, that’s where the week-long break comes in. The guys don’t have the same week off as in the NHL, so they won’t be playing until Friday.

That’ll give the club’s top brass time to figure out how to replace Condotta and Gignac…

But there’s one Rocket player who’s not on leave: Logan Mailloux. The defenseman is currently in California as part of the AHL All-Star festivities. Last night, it was the skills competition. Tonight, it’s the game.

I don’t know what your interest in these events is, but I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that Logan Mailloux still came out on top.

As reported on the RDS website, Mailloux took part in several events.

During the relay race with two teammates, he beat the other team. On a number of occasions, he foiled opposing goalkeepers in events where he had to score with teammates.

But what really stands out is the quality of his backhand.

On his chance in a format like the shootout, Logan Mailloux got in front of the opposing goalkeeper and managed to foil him with a powerful backhand shot.

The sequence got people talking, and that’s to be expected. After all, the backhand shot is becoming less and less popular… but to see that a defenseman has such a weapon is still interesting, in the end.

When will we see a backhand shot like this for the Habs?

In bursts

– Reminder: it’s February 5. The London police will talk and we’ll know more about the Stadium.

– The Coyotes try to brag about doing normal things.

– Oh boy.

– Brad Marchand wants to go to the Olympics.

– Reminder: it’s Super Bowl week.

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