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Nikita Kucherov and the Skills Competition: some people think he shouldn’t win the Hart
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Let’s be honest.

This past weekend’s NHL All-Star Game was all about Nikita Kucherov’s behavior.

The Lightning player, who took part in Friday night’s skills competition, is in the news for all the wrong reasons, because he looked like a guy who clearly wasn’t interested in the competition.

Elliotte Friedman thought it was worth talking about it today on the recent episode of the 32 Thoughts Podcast.

The Sportsnet tipster told Jeff Marek that some people have told him that Kucherov doesn’t deserve to win the Hart Trophy because of his actions:

I don’t think it should cost him any votes, but I still think it’s possible. In fact, I think it’s quite possible. – Elliotte Friedman

Friedman goes on to say that perhaps the NHL should avoid inviting him to the next All-Star Game…

Because the Lightning player really angered a lot of people with his lack of effort, which was quite blatant, thank you:

That’s really harsh in my eyes. Why?

The Russian is on track for the best season of his career, with 85 points in just 49 games. He’s missed just one game this season… And if he keeps up his cruising pace, he could reach the 140-point plateau by the end of the regular season.

And now… Because Kucherov decided to get cr*ssed on a night that had no bearing on the NHL’s regular season, he’d have to take the rap for everything?

Come on.

I understand the principle that he should have given his all because people pay a lot of money to attend these events. But then again, the skills competition has nothing to do with the regular season, and that’s the important part of the story.

In gusto

– Speaking of Kucherov… It’s amazing how similar his stats are to Nathan MacKinnon’s this season, who also has a chance of winning the Hart.

– Oh, wow.

– This is why I love hockey!

– What sad news.

– He’s right to be!

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