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The “secret connection” between Nick Suzuki and Boone Jenner made itself felt
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

The All-Star Game is over.

“Because obviously, the show offered to the fans wasn’t necessarily great.

When I was younger, All-Star weekend was a big draw for me. I loved seeing the best players in the world compete against each other in a friendly match, where feints and beautiful plays are more popular…

But I was 12 at the time. And now, it’s hard for me to make the effort to watch the activities surrounding All-Star weekend because it’s boring, often.

Just ask Nikita Kucherov.

Yesterday’s games left me indifferent. The players’ effort was better than in recent years, at least… But I found it hard to enjoy watching the players on the ice.

And on top of that, it was 3-on-3… Which always leaves plenty of action in a normal game. It’s all very well for the league to change its formula to interest more people, but still…

I must admit, however, that on Friday night, I enjoyed the skills competition. The evening wasn’t perfect (and Kucherov played a role in that), but I thought the event was a lot better than last year’s in Florida or the one before that in Vegas.

Players could earn ranking points by winning events, and the guys put on a show. I’m thinking in particular of Connor McDavid, who stole the show by demonstrating the full extent of his talent.

The Oilers captain really, really impressed the gallery. The fans on hand got their money’s worth (even if ticket prices were astronomically high).

At least McDavid understood that the NHL was counting on him, and he answered the call.

Justin Bieber finally understood that, too. The singer looked like a guy who just wasn’t interested during last Thursday’s player draft, but he was at every one of his team’s fights yesterday, wearing his best coat (or was he? ):

In the end, it was Auston Matthews’ team that won the final against McDavid and Nick Suzuki.

Suzuki was a little discreet on the ice… But the chemistry that quickly developed between him and Boone Jenner was particularly noticeable.

The Canadiens’ captain assisted the Blue Jackets’ captain on a beautiful goal, and the connection between the two players was palpable:

After the meeting, Suzuki shared with the media on site that he knows Jenner well because the two guys grew up in the same area and because they train together during the summer.

Suzuki spoke of a “secret connection” between the two players… And that made me laugh.

Speaking of Boone Jenner, the Jackets captain took the time to praise his good friend David Savard.

Savard and Jenner played together for several years in Columbus… And Jenner had good things to say about the defenseman:

He’s a fantastic teammate, the best. – Boone Jenner

That’s saying a lot!

In bursts

– He’s got his touch back.

– Why not!

– He deserves the chance to have a job in the NHL.

– No worse.

– Big loss for the Bulls.

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