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Olympic Stadium roof and oval to be replaced
Credit: The Olympic Stadium could host the World Cup in 8 years' time.
The Olympic Stadium is always the subject of debate.

And the idea that often comes up is that the building should be demolished because it no longer serves the purpose it once did.

We’re a long way from the Expos years, after all…

Work was carried out recently to assess the cost of replacing the roof, with the result that the Olympic Stadium has been closed since mid-December.

But today we learn that the Legault government will announce as early as tomorrow (Monday) that the roof will be replaced… And so will the technical ring.

Demolishing the stadium would be expensive, as we learn in thefollowing article by Radio-Canada’s Sébastien Bovet:

According to our sources, although the government never really considered demolishing the stadium, an up-to-date assessment of the cost of inaction has been made. The conclusion: demolishing the structure would cost more than $2 billion. – Sébastien Bovet

It’s important to know that the cost of the work would amount to “several hundred million dollars”, but according to Radio-Canada, the said amount should not exceed one billion dollars.

In mid-December, La Presse published an article stating that replacing the roof (and technical ring) of the stadium would cost “at least” $750 million.

It should also be noted that the work is expected to take four years to complete, which will complicate CF Montréal’s task somewhat.

It should be remembered that, because of the exploratory work, the CF Montréal had to postpone its opening match until April. It will be played at Saputo Stadium.

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