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4 losses in 5 games: things get tougher for the Rocket
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The Rocket played an afternoon game yesterday before the AHL All-Star Game break.

The result?

Jean-François Houle’s men lost 3-1 to Devon Levi and the Rochester Americans, despite a superb goal by Brandon Gignac.

It was a fourth loss in five games for the Rocket, who are currently fighting for a playoff spot.

But in the North Division, it’s crazy how tough it is.

The Rocket finds itself in 6th place in its division with 44 points… But the club is only one point behind the Senators and two points behind the Marlies AND the Americans.

As the excellent Anthony Marcotte points out in the following tweet… It’s a tight race!

Coincidence or not, the Rocket have been struggling since the recall of Arber Xhekaj.

The Habs’ club-school has had a lot of success with the Sheriff in the line-up… And that’s how much the defenseman has helped the Laval team.

What’s next looks really interesting for the Rocket, by the way.

Earlier this morning, the Habs signed forward Brandon Gignac, the Rocket’s top scorer and best player this season…

And the Habs also recalled Lucas Condotta.

We don’t know if Condotta and Gignac will be playing up top for long… But if they do, Jean-François Houle is going to have to work his magic, and some guys are going to have to give it their all, because Gignac and Condotta are two of the Rocket’s biggest pieces.

The playoff race is shaping up to be very exciting, at least.

In all this, it will also be interesting to see how the young players respond in the face of adversity. I’m thinking of Riley Kidney, Joshua Roy, Sean Farrell and Logan Mailloux, among others, guys who are enjoying success in their first season in the pros.

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