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Marie-Philip Poulin: “I’m still part of the (Habs) organization”.
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About two weeks ago, on January 21, Marie-Philip Poulin appeared on Radio-Canada’s Tout le monde en parle.

She was Guy A. Lepage’s guest, as were her team-mates Ann-Sophie Bettez and Ann-Renée Desbiens.

Also present was Danièle Sauvageau, General Manager of the LPHF training program in Montreal.

During the interview, Marie-Philip Poulin confided that she no longer worked for the Canadiens.

She told Louis Morissette that playing hockey full-time allows her to concentrate solely on her team, without necessarily needing to work for a second earner.

But then the world’s best player was asked about it yesterday at the All-Star Weekend in Toronto…

And she changed her mind, saying that she is still associated with the Montreal organization:

I’m still with them (the Canadiens), I’m still part of the organization, but my hockey career remains the priority and they understand. – Marie-Philip Poulin

Marie-Philip Poulin goes on to say that she tries to help the Habs “by watching videos or taking calls with the staff” when she has the time.

The following article, written by Benoît Rioux of the Journal de Montréal, explains:

Of course, the Habs won’t stand in her way of shining in the new league for women.

Marie-Philip Poulin is the face of the LPHF, after all!

But to see that the relationship is still there between the two parties is good news in itself.

Poulin was hired in 2022 as a player development consultant, and was notably seen on the ice last summer at the development camp, which was held before the LPHF season even got underway.

I imagine she’ll be a little more involved once her club’s campaign is over…

But if she has time to juggle her role with the Habs and the activities surrounding her season, so much the better.

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