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The Habs have no top-6 wing prospects in their ranks, believes Simon Boisvert

The Canadiens have some fine prospects. Simon Snake Boisvert doesn’t like all of them, but if you were to listen to the two episodes of the new podcast Processus, you’d notice that he’s simply realistic and doesn’t see stars everywhere.

He does, however, like Logan Mailloux Jacob Fowler (and he’s not the only one). He thinks the goalie, at the same age and in the same league, is superior to Cayden Primeau (and Jakub Dobes). Fowler has good posture, good reflexes and it may be a cliché, but Boisvert assures us “he’s a real goalie”.

In addition to Fowler, he talked about the team’s prospects Lane Hutson, Bogdan Konyushkov and Arber Xhekaj, among others. I invite you to listen to the episode to find out more about young prospects not only in the Habs, but across the league.

A pertinent piece of information was shared by the former scout in response to a question from the audience. According to Snake, the Habs have some nice prospects, but they don’t have any wingers with top-6 potential on their roster.

He maintains that Joshua Roy is a fine talent, but that in an 82-game season, he sees him more as a third-three player. He also points out that, in recent years, Montreal has focused more on drafting defensemen.

Still, it’s important to note that if Juraj Slafkovsky had no NHL experience and was currently in Europe or the AHL, Boisvert would consider him the only winger with top-6 potential in the entire organization. At 19, the Slovakian is certainly the age of a prospect, but he already has 88 NHL games under his belt. As part of the exercise, he decided to exclude him. And anyway, he’s already shown he’s a top-6 guy…

In addition to Roy, there are guys like Emil Heineman and FIlip Mesar playing on the wing. Again, Simon, without mentioning them, doesn’t believe they have top-two potential.

In fact, Mesar, who is enjoying an excellent second junior season, returned to action tonight.

Despite the “lack of talent on the wings”, the Habs will still have the opportunity to select a winger with top-6 potential at the next draft.

Because yes, it will be a forward, most likely.

We still don’t know where the team will speak, obviously, but we have to believe it will be in the top-10. Guys like Cayden Lindstrom, Konsta Helenius, Berkly Catton and Michael Brandsegg-Nygard could be available.

Then there’s Trevor Connelly, a guy Snake adores. He’s not unanimous among the experts, but Boisvert promised Mathias Brunet on the first episode of Processus that he’d buy season tickets if the Habs got their hands on him.

(Credit: Tankhaton )
According to Tankhaton, the 6-foot-1 left winger is ranked 17th, and if he remains ranked there at the end of the season, Kent Hughes would have to reach out to get him.

Unless Montreal finishes in the middle of the pack, but I doubt it.

In gusto

– A point for Lane Hutson.

And a second, later.

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– Hard to believe.

– The boys are good.

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