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Logan Mailloux/P.K. Subban comparisons: Simon Boisvert disagrees
A few days ago, Anthony Marcotte published a very interesting piece of information about Logan Mailloux and P.K. Subban.

For those who missed it, the voice of the Rocket compared the stats of P.K. Subban’s 2009-2010 season to Logan Mailloux’s this season.

Please note! Marcotte doesn’t compare the two defensemen according to his opinion, but according to the numbers, i.e., the facts. Here’s the publication in question.

And for those who would dare say that Mailloux is the next P.K. Subban and that the two have a similar style, Simon Boisvert has come to calm the ardor.

We know that the former scout, whose opinions are sometimes controversial, doesn’t really like Mailloux, but according to him, it’s not the same player at all. That’s what he said in the second episode of the PROCESS podcast .

Snake understands statistical comparisons (he can’t argue the contrary), but stats aside, there are no comparables between the two right-handed defenders.

In fact, when the show’s editor read Anthony Marcotte’s tweet, Boisvert gasped.

Once again, the style of play is different. While both have defensive deficiencies, Subban is a better puck carrier and has a better skating stroke. He’s bigger, and one of the hosts knew that P.K.’s impact would be immediate.

If there’s a comparison to be made between the two, it’s that they’re high event players, in other words, guys who when they’re on the ice, something always happens, whether it’s positive or negative.

While the players’ profiles differ, statistically speaking, it’s hard not to make connections. In his first professional season, Mailloux has a points average of 0.7 (28 points in 40 games). And Subban maintained a points average of 0.69 (53 points in 77 games). For young defensemen, these are excellent numbers, and we have every right to be excited about the progression of the team’s former first-round pick in 2021.

But Simon Boisvert will tell you over and over again that he needs to calm down before saying he’ll become a P.K. Subban.

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– I understand.

– Yes.

– Read on.

– With good reason.

– Really?

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