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5 points in his last 5 games: things are looking up for Reinbacher
You know the drill.

Conditions at EHC Kloten don’t seem to be conducive to David Reinbacher’s development.

In fact, that’s what we kept saying a few weeks ago. But now, obviously… Things are starting to look up for the young man and his club.

EHC Kloten beat Geneva-Servette HC today to record their fifth consecutive victory, a first for the team this season.

Prior to the current winning streak, EHC Kloten had managed just two wins in a row since the start of the campaign… which just goes to show how much the team has struggled so far this season.

David Reinbacher had another strong game. He finished the game with just over 18 minutes of ice time (18:06), a +1 record, one assist and three blocked shots.

Oh yes, and he was also his team’s most-used defenseman.

The Habs prospect has five points in his last five games… And he’s now installed as his club’s top defenseman, despite missing several games due to injury.

For what it’s worth, Reinbacher’s performance since the start of the season has lived up to expectations.

We’ve talked about him when it’s been tough, but we also have to talk about him when he’s doing well.

He’s been good, even very good in the last few games… And the five-game winning streak is no coincidence.

When your best defender plays like your best defender, it helps your overall success.

But it’s the defender’s confidence level on the ice that seems to be better.

Reinbacher has put aside distractions and is playing hockey without being stressed on the ice. It’s part of his progression, because these things are learned over time.

His season hasn’t been perfect – far from it – but it’s become clear over the past few games why the Habs decided to select him with the 5th overall pick in the last draft.


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