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Sean Monahan and the Rangers: Elliotte Friedman discusses Jeff Gorton’s past
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In recent weeks, the future of Sean Monahan has been the talk of Montreal. The center-forward, who is likely to be traded between now and the trade deadline, has been on fire lately, and his value seems to be rising with every game.

With the way he’s playing right now, no one’s going to make me believe that Monahan couldn’t help a contending team on a third (or, in a pinch, second) line. He’s playing big, big hockey right now.

And since Saturday night, there’s been a lot of talk about the New York Rangers, linked to Monahan by Elliotte Friedman…

But yesterday, Renaud Lavoie expressed his reservations about the whole thing, and clearly, he wasn’t on the wrong track.

On today’s episode of the 32 Thoughts Podcast, Friedman revisited the link between Monahan and the Rangers, and like Lavoie yesterday, Friedman came to the following conclusion: there’s a fit… but the relationship between Jeff Gorton and the Rangers could complicate things.

Friedman explains that Gorton and the Rangers “aren’t on each other’s Christmas card list”, and you’ll recall that the two sides had a stormy ending. Which leads Friedman to wonder whether this might force the Rangers to pay a little more for Gorton and the Habs to help them out.

There’s also a world out there where it’s done professionally and they put their differences aside… but it’s starting to create a lot of smoke, and there’s no smoke without fire. Friedman sees a fit, but that’s what could complicate things.

And if the Rangers have to start paying a little more, you’d think they’d look elsewhere. Larry Brooks, who has his finger on the pulse of what’s going on with the Rangers, doesn’t see the club paying a first-round pick or a top prospect (let alone both) for a guy like Monahan.

What we sense, then, is that while the Rangers may have interest (especially with Filip Chytil unfortunately not playing again this season), there are obstacles that give reason to think that Monahan may end the season elsewhere.

Because Friedman is pretty confident that he’ll be traded anyway… and he opens the door for Monahan to return to Montreal this summer. Again, it’s far from a done deal, but he doesn’t rule out the idea.

We’ll see if the Rangers will be serious contenders in the race for Monahan’s services, but considering that several teams are likely to covet him, the Habs will have the big stick in the story.

And if the CH wants to take advantage of this situation to avoid haggling with the Rangers, it’s free to do so… but for the good of the team, let’s hope it doesn’t deprive itself of the best offer.

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