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Eminem uses his finger to blow away 49ers fans
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
Like many, I spent yesterday in front of my TV watching NFL football.

The Kansas City Chiefs took on the Baltimore Ravens in the first afternoon game…

And in the evening, the Detroit Lions visited the mighty San Francisco 49ers. That’s the game I’ll be concentrating on today.

It didn’t look easy for the Lions, who eventually lost 34-31.

Head coach Dan Campbell’s controversial decision to try too hard was the main factor in the club’s defeat.

The Lions had the opportunity to put points on the board late in the game with a field goal, but Campbell stubbornly tried to convert several fourth downs… And the strategy backfired.

The Lions vs. 49ers match was perfect: the weather was fine, we were treated to a game between two good football clubs… And there were well-known personalities in the stands, which were full, by the way.

Of the lot, 49ers fans recognized rapper Eminem in a box, who grew up in Detroit and has always shared his love for Detroit sports clubs…

And Eminem did what Eminem does best.

He showed the middle finger to send San Francisco fans packing after his Lions lost:

It’s hard for me to tell if the singer did this as a joke or if he was really serious about his gesture.

Because knowing his character, it almost seems like it’s not surprising… Hehe.

Still, it must have been a special moment for the people he interacted with.

Getting the crap kicked out of me by someone, fine…

But getting the crap kicked out of me by Eminem, that sounds like even more fun.

In any case. I’m sure 49ers fans will remember this moment long enough.

In bursts

– Thank you!

– I’d pay good money to see Maurice Richard in action.

– It’s possible.

– Wow.

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